The Armor Of Christian Warfare

Ephesians 6:10-17
By Adrian Rogers
Life Worth Finding

Whether you realize it or not, you are a part of a deadly war between light and darkness. You cannot afford to be ignorant and you cannot be neutral. If you try to be neutral you’re going to find yourself in the most dangerous place of all.

Ephesians 6:10-17 is not just a call to arms, but also a declaration of victory. If you are going to gain this victory, you must be armed and you must put on “the whole armor” not just the pieces that are the most comfortable.

The Girdle Of Truth – The Believer’s Integrity

A soldier in Paul’s day had a leather girdle that he tightened about his waist to protect his loins and carry his weapons of warfare, such as a dagger or sword. The belt also held his tunic together so it wouldn’t be snagged.

In Christian armor, it is integrity that holds everything else together. If you do not have integrity in the big and small things of your life, you are going to lose the battle. Without truth everything falls apart. Satan will come against you with lies and bring a lack of integrity into your life. Jesus is the Truth and will strengthen you with His integrity. Would people say that you are a woman or man of integrity? If not, then you cannot win the battle.

The Breastplate Of Righteousness – The Believer’s Purity

The breastplate of a soldier was sometimes made of woven chain. Whatever the material, the purpose was the same – to cover the soldier’s vital organs. For the Christian, the breastplate is righteousness.

The enemy wants to attack you not only with lies, but also with impurity. He wants you to read filthy magazines, watch immoral movies, and engage in all temptations of the flesh. The bottom line is that Satan wants to get into your heart and mind. He’s looking for a crack in your armor. And don’t be fooled. Satan knows where that crack is. Is your heart pure before God? If not, then you cannot win the battle.

The Shoes Of Peace – The Believer’s Tranquility

A Roman soldier needed good shoes in order to be victorious on the battlefield. Oftentimes, his shoes would have hobnails on the sole, very much like football cleats because when they were fighting they needed solid footing from which to move.

Jesus gives peace and unless you have peace, you can never make war. Sounds like a contradiction, doesn’t it? But you’ve got to have the peace of God in your heart first. When Satan comes against your tranquility, he throws out stones and briars of doubts and discouragement to cause you to stumble. Do you have peace right now? If not, then you cannot win the battle.

The Shield Of Faith – The Believer’s Certainty

The Roman soldier’s shield measured approximately two by four feet and was made of wood covered with leather. In that day, soldiers dipped arrows in oil, then lit them and shot them at the enemy. These shields were vital to protect the solider from getting burned.

Satan is going to fire flaming arrows of doubt at you. He wants to place subtle doubts in your mind about God and His Truth. He knows a spark can ignite a big fire. You will need to feed your faith and starve your doubts.

Are there any seeds of doubt in your mind today? If there are, then you cannot win the battle.

The Helmet Of Salvation – The Believer’s Sanity

A soldier used a helmet to protect his head because if his head was wounded, he wouldn’t be able to think. Every believer needs to have the mind of Christ under the control of Almighty God.

When a person is saved, for the first time he has his right mind. A person without the Lord Jesus Christ has a form of insanity. They do not operate with the mind that God made them to have. The most important thing for you to have at all times is an assurance of your salvation.

Do you know that you are saved?

Each of these pieces of armor represents Jesus. Friend, do you want to fight with the armor of a Christian solider and live a victorious, abundant life? Then, prayerfully put on Jesus. He is Truth, He is Purity, He is Peace, He is Sure. He is the One who bought your redemption with His blood.